The adoption centre

f for any reason you are no longer able to look after your small pet, please speak to our charity champions in your local Pets at Home and we will do our best to help you. Please call, or visit the store without the pet first to see if there is a space available in a nearby store. We will do everything we can to find them a loving forever home.

If you have a dog or cat to rehome, please contact your local rescue centre in the same way – calling first to see if space is available. We suggest trying more than one, and please bear in mind that most rescues are full and offer a wait list to surrender a pet to a new home.

Speak to your local rescue – we’re all here to help!

Find your perfect companion

Welcome to the whole new era of Dogs care. We keep all manner of dogs, for reasons ranging from different categories/creeds like German shepherd, French bulldog and husky etc. Prices are reasonable. We sell puppies of all domains like French puppies, English bulldogs, golden retrieval and Labrador. Many people believe that when we take responsibility for a dog, we are required to provide proper care for them. So we also take care for your dog in your absence.

Penny The Beautiful
Ganon The Carrier
Tessa Beautiful Puppy
Timber Male
Bailey Male